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In telecommunications, broadband is a wide bandwidth data transmission with the ability to simultaneously transport multiple signals and traffic types. The medium can be coaxial cable, optical fibre, twisted pair, as well as wireless broadband (wireless broadband includes Mobile broadband). 

Broadband speeds invite more and more people to use the services that only has a certain capacity, if you use more per day than you agreed to, the service provider penalises you by either slowing your connection speed (throttling) or restricting the ports and services that you can use (P2P, etc) or even both in a lot of cases.

We will help you get quality data packages that you can use at any time, full speed and best quality all the time.
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The image shows some of the Mobile Top Speeds in the USA


TelWORLD entered the internet data and virtual fixed phone arena in 2008/9, but have been in telecommunications and other related industries since 1989, so we have been providing fast broadband in South Africa for more than 7 years.

We have seen the copper wires for phone & data lines come and go and been there to see the changes happen at the incredible pace that today allows our customers to even exceed the advanced first world's average performance!

So we know a little more than most about delivering high speed, reliable broadband in "black holes" to both urban as well as remote rural areas poorly served by most networks, even at times from all the cellular providers.

We know how to leverage the various networks' infrastructure with the little known facts to give our customers a superior service experience often at a fraction of the cost normally associated with Satellite or cellular data.

Latency and speeds exceed the average DSL service available in almost any area in South Africa, in every case, our services far exceeded anything our customers expected from a landline.

The major national wireless networks we use have powerful reliable transmitters that are fed by high capacity Fibre lines so the reliability, speeds and contention ratios are typically far better than even a "business" grade a/vDSL service.

Ideal for All Internet applications such as:

  • Voice,
  • Skype,
  • Media Streaming,
  • VPN and Gaming,
  • P2P

We fit external antenna's & a receiver at your premises which connects directly to an all in one network wireless router. Our system just far outperforms any regular broadband connection.

The wireless packages all run at the fastest speed that your location allows - currently exceeding 100Mbps - the amount you pay only determines the volume you can download and not the speed of your connection as is typical.

There is no AUP, traffic shaping or throttling, so you get the best possible experience for all internet uses at any time of day or night.

Internet at its best!

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2016 marks our 8th year as a wireless Internet Installer on multiple networks serving town & rural communities in and around Benoni and Cape Town primarily, but also in distant locations around South Africa as a whole. Want to know more? Click Here to Enquire 

We have constantly improved our service using the latest technologies as they became available, with extensive testing and support, we have been able to help many people with fast reliable Internet and VoIP phone service without lines.

We are proud that many of our earliest customers are still with us, so we must be doing something right!